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XpMeter doesn't detect 100k+ xp drops

I've been runecrafting souls and the xp drops from 100 charge don't seem to get detected, maybe the read area is not wide enough? This problem probably affects wines as well where it's possible to get 1m xp drops


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Re: XpMeter doesn't detect 100k+ xp drops

These are ignored intentionally as a change of more than 100k in the value that it reads from the xp counter usually means something is going wrong. I don't plan to remove the as it actually solves a lot of problems. I could increase it (a little) support some activities like soul runes. However in many cases tracking xp drops that large is meaningless anyway as preparation isn't included.


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Re: XpMeter doesn't detect 100k+ xp drops

I also encountered this problem crafting souls but seeing as this is intentional I guess I'll buy runemetrics pro till I get 120 rc. Would be awesome if you could increase it slightly to support soul runes

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