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DGkey relocating keys when opening keydoor

I haven't dunged in a while and started doing it again with DGKEY. However whenever I open a keydoor that was previously detected by DGKEY it randomly moves that specific key icon to another "?" door, after which if I hover over the DGKEY window it drags along all my keys, leaving me with unmarked doors that were previously marked by me and DGKEY.

Very vague description but I'm wondering if this is a known issue with a known fix or if this is new? If it's new I will try to get a more detailed explanation on it, potentially with an actual video. It's kinda late for me right now which is why I'm not bothering with a full explanation (with the idea in mind there is already a solution for this)

Maybe this is relevant, I'm rushing Small C6 Solo

EDIT: It seems like this gets triggered by me manually dragging away gatestone keys to delete them. I'm going to try to remove them the intended way (using space) and see if it still occurs.

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