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Arch XP not detected

Both the "xpcounter" and the "XPmeter" do not detect the in game xp metrics at all. I have tried each capture option, which all show as working. I have also tried turning off the Runemetric's lightweight mode to see if the transparency was the issue.
In particular, I'm trying to make a good setup in the AFKWarden to train the new Archeology skill, and the xpcounter definitely would help a lot for when my excavating gets interrupted by finding an artifact. So, I'm relying on chat based detection to alert me for Seren spirits, when the sprite moves, and when my inventory gets full.

UPDATE: After playing around with it and resetting my total XP in Runemetrics, I finally got the xpcounter to work. Not sure if that's what helped. However, it still does not detect Archeology skill xp, so I had to I'm using total XP instead. At this point, I just wanted to let the developers know the bug with detecting Arch xp. Thanks a lot for such a great app!


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Re: Arch XP not detected

you can also set it to detect unsheathed for arch when doing the excavating as another option


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