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Vorago Tag app ConnectionTimeOut (site is online)

Hello, I use this third-party Alt1 app Vorago Tag every day for 1 year+, and today when I turned on PC I updated to 1.5.6 after being prompted. Afterwards, the app displays Connection Timeout and I am unable to use it since.

Info of the app:
- I've only installed the app via alt1://addapp/http://holycoil.nl/alt1/V … onfig.json
- So I suppose the site to the app would be http://holycoil.nl/alt1/VoragoTag and that indeed reflects the content of the little window when I use it in Alt1

What I see:
- http://holycoil.nl/alt1/VoragoTag and http://holycoil.nl/alt1/VoragoTag/appconfig.json are online when I access it with normal Chrome browser
- They returned Connection Timeout when I try to open them with Alt1 browser
- Before I uninstalled Alt1, the little window that is used to contain the app also shows the same Connection Timeout message
- Now, alt1://addapp/http://holycoil.nl/alt1/V … onfig.json does not open any app installation window for me, even for old versions like 1.5.5 and 1.5.3
- Some friends are still able to use the app in Alt1 today, but unsure if they have updated

Note: All other pre-installed Alt1 apps are working for me e.g. Wiki, so Alt1 can access the internet. Suitybot's third-party PCT app is also working.


Attempts to fix but couldn't:
- Uninstall and install Alt1 with reboot in between
- Run Alt1 standalone versions 1.5.5 and 1.5.3 and try to open installation link (still no popup)
- Press "Reset Everything" under Advanced Settings

I apologise if it is inappropriate to ask for help with a third-party app here. But the fact that it is still online when checked with normal browser, and being able to use it normally just yesterday, make me wonder if something went wrong on my PC during the update process to 1.5.6.

Greatly appreciated if I could be pointed to any steps to try, or a way to get specific logs to help troubleshooting. Thank you.

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Re: Vorago Tag app ConnectionTimeOut (site is online)

The app and install link are working to me. It might be a firewall issue because of the 1.5.6 update.


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Re: Vorago Tag app ConnectionTimeOut (site is online)

I manually re-added Alt1 into firewall exceptions and it fixed the issue. Thanks a lot for your help! smile


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