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Buff Watcher

I'm not sure if it exists already but it's something I've long felt missing, which is the ability to track buffs and alert the player when they're up, it's kind of AfkWarden in reverse instead of alerting you when a buff is about to run out, you're alerted of when the buff is up.

I personally would find this very useful in the following locations especially with voice alerts informing you when they're active:

* Virus (telos - would save my life so much if I was told every time virus came up, since i suck at tracking my own buffs in the heat of the moment)
* Greater Fury 100% crit buff (priortise your next ability based on the fact you know it will be 100% crit chance)
* Greater Barge buff
* Vengeance buff
* Disruption shield buff

If this already exists, pleaseee let me know and if it doesn't, please consider it <3



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