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detecting the right chatbox


I am having trouble to have alt1 detect the right chat box. My interface has two chat box as shown in the picture.

Alt1 is detecting the bottom chatbox (without game messages) instead of the top chatbox.

Is there anyway to adjust this?

I tried closing the bottom chatbox when starting alt1, but it automatically updates to the bottom chatbox once it appears.

Basically I want the local chat on the bottom chatbox and the game messages on the top one. Any help is welcome. Many thanks.


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Re: detecting the right chatbox

I'll my put Discord response here as well:

Only some apps have that capability.

For AFKWarden, you kinda have to jump through some hoops to make it read that box.  Example, before you open AFKWarden, your bottom chat box should be on a different tab, like, a friends list or something, then open the app, it should target the top box, then you can switch local chat back


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