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Cost & Inputs Calculator

I have 0 clue about coding or anything, just getting that out there first.

I would love a window in Alt1 that I can use to track input costs for every slayer task, boss trip whatever. I would envisage it being linked somehow to GE pricing (holy ovl price per dose, that sort of thing). Starting inventory could be input by the player (2 x 6 dose holy ovl flasks, 3 x 6 dose super restore etc), then at the end what is left could be input too and the total cost of inputs given.

Including charge drain rate would be nice too - say my drain rate is 4.11/s, I could input that then I am not sure how possible it would be for the screen to be read to detect combat or if there would need to be a start/stop button function.

I am certain people who know more than me would be able to refine this down to a nicety if it is at all possible. It's just something I think people will use rather a lot.



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