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Clue Solver Suggestion - Default Teleport Buttons for Compass Clues

Currently for compass clues you have to right click a teleport then push Alt+1 for it to show up on Alt1. Can there be buttons added that contain default teleports that you can set so instead of having to push Alt+1 for every compass clue, you can just push the button directly on Alt1 instead?

For example, this is how it would currently work if you wanted to check from Falador and Grand Exchange:
1. Right click Falador Teleport
2. Hover over Cast Falador Teleport
3. Press Alt+1
4. Teleport to Falador
5. Press Falador on Alt1
6. Right click Luck of the Dwarves
7. Hover over Grand Exchange Luck of the Dwarves
8. Press Alt+1
9. Teleport to Grand Exchange
10. Press Grand Exchange on Alt1
11+. Repeat for other locations if needed

This is what I'm suggesting:
0. Set the buttons with default teleports Falador and Grand Exchange (this is a one time thing so counting as step 0)
1. Teleport to Falador (can also be keybound since unnecessary to right click first for Alt1)
2. Press existing Falador button on Alt1
3. Teleport to Grand Exchange
4. Press existing Grand Exchange button on Alt1
5+. Use existing way of right clicking and pressing Alt+1 as needed or use other buttons set with default teleports

Since most people usually use the same first one or two teleports on compass clues, this would eliminate a lot of unnecessary clicks/key presses for compass clues. Also, there could maybe be hotkeys added to click either the button set by Alt+1 or the default buttons. I just gave two extra buttons as an example, there could be more.

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