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Clue solver overlays never disappear


I've been using alt1's clue solver addon for about a year and a half now. Everytime I do clues and use it to solve a puzzle, save for the sliders, the overlay stays on my screen until I tell it to solve a new clue.

Is this a known problem? It's very annoying for when I'm finished with the clues and have to reboot my client just to be able to see everything properly again.

The overlays affected are for lockboxes, towers, scans and celtic knots (I don't do easy or medium clues so I don't know if they apply to that too).

It's very annoying and especially in the case of lockboxes and towers it takes up the entire middle of my screen making it hard to see anything.

The overlays only disappear if I alt1 a new clue, but it doesn't do it for all kinds of clues.

Thanks for your time and I hope someone can help me solve this!

EDIT: Scan clues put a big square on the minimap that doesn't disappear, everything else is the numbers in the middle of my screen. When I go from say a towers puzzle to a scan clue, the towers puzzle stays in place and it says there's no clue detected.

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