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Re: [installed] AfkScape App

Not by default, however you can add the lines manually. I have the following (not an exclusive list):

A fire spirit emerges from the bonfire
A divine forge phoenix emerges from

with the colour codes 255,170,0 (orange) and 193,15,6 (dark red).


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Re: [installed] AfkScape App

Will afkwarden ever support picking which chatbox each alert should look in? Some apps already allow this, such as the component counter. In my UI setup, I have a separate/secondary chatbox with all game messages enabled, and my main chatbox has game messages disabled (used only for actual chat), but whenever I need a chatbox alert in afkwarden, I have to set game messages to either filtered or on in the main chatbox because you can't pick which one for it to watch.


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