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How well do I need to know Alt1 base's inner workings to make a tool?

I'm a semi noob programmer (2nd-year cs student) and been trying to read thru the code, do I need to understand how Alt1 works completely to make an Alt1 tool? I took a uni class in C and Assembly, so I get the basics of file structure/byte arrays. I started reading the code in the image detection cause it interested me a lot. I got the gist how it works reading the pngs as file buffers and comparing bytes

Do I need to know that level of nitty gritty for the entire library, or can I stick to the higher level functions? I stopped reading it cause it was kinda overwhelming. Are there easy higher level functions like *find this image in another image*?

I also have pretty much 0 experience using Typescript/JS, but I would love to learn it by making a small simple project using Alt1.


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