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Clue Solver Compass Clue Issues

I was solving some clues recently and thought I would report some issues in case they have not yet been reported.

Issue 1: When standing in certain locations and opening a compass clue, the clue solver incorrectly reads your location, thus mapping the directional line in a useless place. The most common occurrence of this bug happened to me while I was standing in the desert (north of Nardah usually) and the solver mapped the line as if I were on Mazcab. A couple other locations are affected as well, with the solver usually assuming you are on an island or other far away part of the map; obviously compass clue solutions do not exist in these areas so hopefully this can be prevented from happening.

Issue 2: When opening a new compass clue immediately after another compass clue, the clue solver map often blacks out, removing the map and any directional lines.

Issue 3: When zooming on the clue solver map at the same time as it plots a new directional line for a compass clue, the line is plotted incorrectly relative to the new zoom value.



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Re: Clue Solver Compass Clue Issues

Issue 1 is a bit of an annoying issue that could be caused by smaller minimap sizes, but there's also what seems to be an undetermined lighting issue around it as well. You can turn off the minimap tracking on the first page of the app - you'll just have to go back to the pre-tracking method of selecting locations to draw from.

Not sure about issues 2 and 3 myself - the only thing I can suggest for 3 is don't zoom while drawing lines. Hopefully Skillbert finds a fix if possible.


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