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Bank tab price checker


There is a lot of PvM based apps on the alt1 toolkit, which I'm very grateful for (especially the drop logger). I think what would be a cool add-on is a bank tab price checker. PvM'ers and slayers have an odd fascination of keeping all of their loot in one big tab, but it become tedious of taking out every one in the loot tab, and price checking it, especially if you have it organized. I also think this would be useful if you're low on cash and need to find some "hidden wealth" that you may not know about in your bank. I really wish the wealth evaualator could do this, but it dosen't sad I'd imagine the best way of going about this is finding the items sprites on the screen, kinda like the clue solver.

Thanks in advance for reading this big_smile


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Re: Bank tab price checker

This would be hype!


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Re: Bank tab price checker

I wrote this before, but it got lost in a database rollback a little ago.
This would sadly not be possible, there are currently about 35000 different items in runescape, which can be rendered in 10s of different ways as they are rendered in 3d on your computer and are not simply sprites. It is already hard to tell apart 16 different runes in the celtic knot solver.


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