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[suggestion] Custom Install Path


    I would like to suggest changing the installer so that instead of being a silent installer, it is one that allows people to choose the install location and start menu folder for it to use.  I'm one of those people who prefers to choose custom locations for my programs and games to use so as to keep them better managed, and as it is Alt1 is just a silent installer that doesn't allow for choosing your install location OR start menu folder.

In my  opinion this would be a massive improvement on it and would also give the users a better sense of security since some people actually refuse to use silent installers since they can't really see what the silent installer is actually doing.

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Re: [suggestion] Custom Install Path

Alt1 uses squirrel as installer. It is a relatively simple installer that just does what it needs to do and does it right, but doesn't do much more. It is used by basically every electron based app, discord and spotify come to mind. Changing the installer software at this point would be a ton of work.

An Alt1 installation maxes out at about 100mb, so there is not really a reason to move it around. In fact, many "normal" programs put more data in the folder that alt1 installs into (%localappdata%) and don't properly clear it after uninstalling.

As for security, windows is quite lacking of any security system. Only really damaging actions are locked behind an admin privilege. Traditional installers require admin privilege to run. So in that sense i prefer installers that don't need admin to run.

One thing i would like to do in the future is supporting portable installations, but that's not really high priority. Maybe something to do with this. You can also take a look at the standalone files in this thread.


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