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Alt1 on other languages

So i was trying to use AFK Warden on other servers (like portuguese or german) and alt1 simply cant read my chat box, it appears like there is nothing on it (i have already tried clicking to "pick colours" and "read all colours" bottoms)... So is the app not supposed to run in different languages or there is a settup problem?
I can use it just fine in english worlds, with the same settings, like i changed nothing at all and then when i come to portuguese world that happens, all alerts are crossed out and only the lobby timer works...


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Re: Alt1 on other languages

Not everything is guaranteed to work in other languages, there are very few players in foreign worlds so it's not really a priorty. For the chat specifically you can work around this by keeping the chatbox selected for a couple of seconds (press enter) and after it highlights a rectangle around it it should work.


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