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AfkWarden sound alerts

Since the update whenever I open AfkWarden the sound alerts don't work, until I open the options for the individual alerts, the mouse cursor alert works fine, and the bar tracks fine. I waited till now to say anything cause I thought it was just lag in the initial connection, but in order for the sounds to work (alarm and voice) I have to open the options for each alert that I use, each time AfkWarden is opened, so if I close the game with or without closing AfkWarden, or even if I close AfkWarden while the game is still open, I will have to go through and open the options for each alert every time.

Honestly I'm willing to just deal with it for now, it doesn't bother me that much, but it seems like this recent update has added a bunch of inconveniences, I don't use the full extent of alt1 so I don't know how far this extends, but I assume it's just limited to anything that tracks the game in some way.


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