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Archeology QOL Alt1 features

I'm sure like many of you, there is a lot of relics you find compared to material... and over time you get a "large" collection in your bank of material-less relics you have to grind for to repair. What would be great is if we could get a feature similar to the "bank value calculator" so that it scans for relics (so best if you put them in a tab), and based on your relics and amounts of each, it displays all the material you need to complete each. That way, at a glance I can get the numbers and start focusing caches back to back, and not worry some "other" relic I missed need the material I was just grinding, etc.

Another idea would be for the completed relics. Giving, at a glance, quick breakdowns of what relic goes to what collector. And perhaps a toggle for showing the relics that have "secret" one time hand-ins at NPCs for those that do. Since I also quite often try to take as many relics at once to turn in, then turns out I missed one later on and return to the same guy again.

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