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Archeology QOL Alt1 features

I'm sure like many of you, there is a lot of relics you find compared to material... and over time you get a "large" collection in your bank of material-less relics you have to grind for to repair. What would be great is if we could get a feature similar to the "bank value calculator" so that it scans for relics (so best if you put them in a tab), and based on your relics and amounts of each, it displays all the material you need to complete each. That way, at a glance I can get the numbers and start focusing caches back to back, and not worry some "other" relic I missed need the material I was just grinding, etc.

Another idea would be for the completed relics. Giving, at a glance, quick breakdowns of what relic goes to what collector. And perhaps a toggle for showing the relics that have "secret" one time hand-ins at NPCs for those that do. Since I also quite often try to take as many relics at once to turn in, then turns out I missed one later on and return to the same guy again.

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Re: Archeology QOL Alt1 features

I like your first idea. Seems useful for those with big stacks of damaged artefacts (I assume you mean those and not relics tongue )

Your second idea, however, I find a but of a time waste. You already have a pretty quick view on which artefact goes where by just inspecting (left click) the artefact, either damaged or completed. Perhaps you were unaware of this feature and only found them through the Archaeology Journal.


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