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No Apps installed after installation


I have installed Alt1 but there are no apps installed?

I have connection to the internet, I have set a firewall rule to allow all inbound from Runeapps.Alt1.exe and have disabled AV.

I saw this topic:

Those screenshots are what my menu looks like, however in that issue he gets an error when he opens browser. I no not get any error when opening browser, I am able to connect to web pages and browse successfully (so browser can definitely see the internet).

Alt1 Toolkit version 1.5.6
Browser (Chromium) 83.0.4103.106



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Re: No Apps installed after installation

Are you able to use the internal browser of Alt-1 at all? If you can try and navigate to an apps URL and install it. If you would like to try and install my app you can its URL is https://unlishema.github.io/slayerassistant.

You could also try this link and it may work too.

If you cannot browse the internet at all using the internal browser of Alt-1 Toolkit, then there is an issue with the app being able to connect to the internet. Check your proxy, vpn, firewall, router, and anything that could stop the traffic and you will eventually find the issue. If you can browse the internet but still can't add apps I'm not sure.

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