#1 Re: General » FAQ » Today 03:04:32

It doesn't know the exact left bound of your chatbox if you have the top bar minimized. Usually this doesn't matter to much, however with long name+title combinations some short chat messages might be missed.

#2 Re: Suggestions and requests » [Request] 'Perfect' Invention » Yesterday 19:16:16

There is a perfect pattern you can follow to get them without to much effort, there is no way to solve it in less clicks than that. You should be able to find some guides on that. Jagex has also stated that they are going to remove the inspiration system with batch 2 so this wont be a problem anymore at all soon.

#3 Re: General » Website update log » Yesterday 17:55:09

afkwarden (a couple of days ago)
Fixed chatbox detection with the new chatbox.

Clue solver
Added a hint about the capture settings in Alt1 if no clue could be detected.

#4 Re: Issues » Some items missing from the item dump » 2017-08-20 23:38:44

Really weird, those tokens don't show up on the rs website like other items. I'll see what happens after the next game update.

Apmeken amethyst is actually a funny story, they released the set of gems back with the eastern lands but didn't make them obtainable. With menaphos they actually reused the item id's and icons and renamed them to more menaphos-y names. So you'll find the gems a bunch of pages back.

#6 Re: Issues » Problems with chatbox detection » 2017-08-18 22:39:05

Just fixed it, tell me if it still doesn't work.

#7 Re: Issues » AfkWarden uncaught error with multiple visible chat windows » 2017-08-18 22:38:41

Thanks for that image, it was still using an older version of one of the files. Just updated it so it should work now.

#8 Re: Issues » Problems with chatbox detection » 2017-08-18 22:31:06

Jagex changed the chat box a lot. I released an update that should fix it but there are still some problems with weird cases with multiple chat boxes.
If you post a screenshot of your full rs window i can take a look at it and maybe fix it.

#9 Re: Issues » ERROR 00xc000035a. » 2017-08-18 19:25:15

You really only have to post once. I replied on your other post.

#10 Re: General » FAQ » 2017-08-18 19:24:06

I've heard from other people that running it in admin mode fixes it. I still don't know the real cause so if you find out more please tell me.

#11 Re: Issues » Alt1 not detecting any clues? » 2017-08-15 14:58:39

Fixed now seems like jagex did a hidden update on the title bar font color.

#12 Re: Issues » Alt1 not detecting any clues? » 2017-08-14 18:30:24

I assume you got capture to work with your second screenshot.
I just found out about the second problem as well. It seems to detect it as a different type of clue in legacy mode, i'll check that out. It should still work in rs3 interface mode and for other clues.

#13 Re: Issues » DG key "not found" » 2017-08-11 20:41:21

Seems like i forgot to change a test url back. Should be fixed now.

#14 Re: General » Website update log » 2017-08-11 11:35:06

Fixed to make it read the new dungeon map.
Keys are now shown as overlay on the in-game map.
Keys are now automatically added when you hover you mouse over a door in-game. (experimental)
Reworked the server.

#15 Re: Development » AfkScape App » 2017-08-10 22:27:40

I looked into text to speech a while ago but the chromium browser doesn't support it. It also doesn't seem like there are any free server sided API's anywhere. I like the additive chat alarm but it kind of is an interface nightmare. How would it look and not be even more confusing.

#16 Re: Issues » Antivirus says alt 1 toolkit is a virus/trojan. ( Gen:Atc4.Detection) » 2017-08-06 13:53:44

Your antivirus is probably on an old virus database. If you just reinstalled it might not have updated yet. Most antiviruses rely on a white list and slap some random threat on anything that's not in that white list.

#17 Re: Development » AfkScape App » 2017-08-02 15:23:45

You probably have a transparent background. It won't doesn't work with that. I think you can use a chat alert for crystallise. They might have added a buff for it recently in which case you can use a buff alert.

#18 Re: Issues » FPS capping not working » 2017-08-02 11:17:56

Fps capping/display uses the same module as Opengl capture and only works if rs is rendered with opengl. Make sure your NXT client isn't running in compatibility mode.

#19 Re: Development » AfkScape App » 2017-08-02 06:09:06

If you click the little i next to the sheathe stance alerter it will show a guide on how to use it (this page). It might not work for all trees.

#20 Re: Development » Bank tab price checker beta (reopened) » 2017-08-01 09:27:14

That's weird. It should fix itself if you re-add the app. You can remove it in the Alt1 settings and add it again the same way as first.

#21 Re: Issues » ERROR 00xc000035a. » 2017-07-29 07:10:17

I think this was related to a bad installation of the .NET framework.
Try uninstalling .NET framework 4.x.x and installing 4.6.2 (https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/downloa … x?id=53344)

#22 Re: Development » Bank tab price checker beta (reopened) » 2017-07-29 03:18:30

Gren, that should be fixed now. I forgot to upload it.

#23 Re: Development » AfkScape App » 2017-07-27 11:06:51

Either the interface isn't visible on your screen or there is something wrong with your capture settings in Atl1. Some alerts only work in eoc interface mode.

#24 Re: Issues » [Solved] Someone is claimin an app for al1 has a backdoor in it. » 2017-07-24 13:57:51

This seems sorted out now. The user found some other problem on his network.

#25 Re: Issues » Alt1 not working » 2017-07-24 09:00:37

Make sure that alt1 (and cefsharp.browsersubprocess.exe) isn't getting blocked in your firewall. If the app is white it is connecting and hasn't finished or failed yet.

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