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[Beta] Slayer Assignment Decider

Ever had trouble deciding which task to choose when getting an new assignment? When trying to get maximum amount of Slayer XP per hour I made a quick and dirty version of this but since then expanded it to be user friendly and release it. If you find any data incorrect please tell me right away so I can correct it.

Click here to add Slayer Assignment Decider to Alt1


  • View monster categorized as that task[/li]

  • Amount of XP monster gives per kill for combat, slayer, and constitution

  • Stats of the monster such as combat level, hit points, defence level.

  • Max hit per combat style (Melee, Ranged, Magic, Special)

  • Combat style weaknesses

  • Communication to window to app is encrypted with https

How to use it:

  1. Have "Slayer VIP Tickets" before getting a new task from your slayer master.

  2. Go to Slayer Master and get a new slayer assignment.

  3. When you see this menu, click "Read Tasks" in "Slayer assignment decider" window.

  4. Slayer assignment decider will choose display your options inside it's window.


Known Bugs

  • Not every task will be detected. (I have a log of every task that it searches for but doesn't find it in the database)


  • Add other slayer masters besides Morvan

  • Document api for public use


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Miss jessie

Re: [Beta] Slayer Assignment Decider

im excited for this! looking great so far! keep it going please!!

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Re: [Beta] Slayer Assignment Decider

Hey is this working? the link doesn't work for me, this would be amazing if it did, maybe it could be fixed up if there is something wrong with it?


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Re: [Beta] Slayer Assignment Decider

Loved this app in the past. Link is no longer working sad


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