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Invention ComponentCounter

Howdy all!

Over the past few months, I've been working on an app that will track Invention Components received through a variety of sources:
- Manual Dissassembly
- Auto-Dissassembler
- Spring Cleaner Dissassembly
- Scavenging perk

You can find it here: On my GitHub
Or, Install with Alt1

Tracks Invention materials from the following sources:

Standard Dissassembling
Spring Cleaner
Keeps data until you hit the "Clear" button.


Open app with RuneScape window visible.
Ensure that the chat filter is off. This ensures that all component messages are visible.
Start dissassembing items, or have a weapon/armor with Scavenging on it, or spring cleaner in inventroy, and slay some NPCs.
The app will automatically start tracking as soon as it is opened.

The table will auto-populate and keep track of the components that you have received.

Click "Stop" to stop tracking.

EDIT MODE I have included an Edit mode, which will display all component rows, you can then edit the number of components for any row (in case you want to track all comps, including the ones you already have). Uncheck the edit mode checkbox to save the changes.

Be sure to Click "Start" to once again track components, as it will be disabled while editing.

Please let me know if you have any questions.  I will reply to the best of my ability.

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