Capture problems in Alt1
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Capture problems in Alt1

Capture problems in Alt1

This page contains information about common problems with Alt1 capture and how to fix them. You can change the capture settings by going to capture tab of the Atl1 settings.

Setting the right capture mode

The capture settings.

Alt1 has three capture modes, OpenGL or DirectX are preferred and Desktop can be used as fallback. Alt1 will try to detect the correct capture mode but might make the wrong choice.

You can select different radio boxes to make the preview box show the game client.


  • This mode should work for the NXT client for every computer.
  • In the past some antiviruses have deleted files related to opengl capture. Make sure that you antivirus does not delete files without telling you about it.


  • This mode usually doesn't work for the NXT client. It depends on your graphics card and drivers if this works.
  • It might show a static image with some parts of the game in the preview box. This doesn't mean it works or is partially working.


  • This mode is a backup and shouldn't be used if the other modes are available.
  • It doesn't work if you use display scaling with high DPI monitors.
  • It wont work if other windows or overlays are covering the rs client.
  • It is much slower than the other modes.

High DPI display scaling (1440p, 4k or some laptops)

Jagex changed the way display scaling works in December 2023 and Alt1 is not compatible with this new mode. You can revert to the old bahavior by toggling on "Disable RS DPI scaling". Make sure to restart RS after toggling this setting. This setting only applies if you have display scaling set to anything other than 100% in Windows settings.

Other problems

If all other settings seem correct and Alt1 still can't find the home teleport button there might be a different problem.