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Re: Read this before posting about a bug


I just recently installed alt-1 and it was working wonderfully the first day. But on the next day I used it every time I would hover over any clickable npc/object it would freeze the game client until I move the mouse off and everything seems ok. I've tried to change the capture settings but nothing I've done has worked.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Re: Read this before posting about a bug

For some reason, my sheathed stance stopped working when it was working perfectly fine the day before. The avatar stance appears to be crossed out and there's no percentage box overlay on my equipment box to detect if it's sheathed. On the toolkit settings, it says that it's synced to my client and matches too. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Re: Read this before posting about a bug

got alt 1 installed and now my game lagges so badly rs3 is not playable.  this is a new laptop, just got it a week ago.  and now alt 1 will not uninstall.

i do not want to have to wipe this laptop, help please?


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Re: Read this before posting about a bug

It doesn't uninstall? sounds like some file is corrupted. Try if rebooting does anything. Running the installer again will fix (most) partial uninstalls if you're still having problems after that.

Also make sure you don't have AVG antivirus on silent mode. That program just deletes files left and right and you wont even know.


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Re: Read this before posting about a bug

I had an image capture problem with alt 1 on my new laptop, I’ve posted an screenshot with the link on top of the sticky but it’s not visible to me. I used all 3 capture modes, set FXAA off in runescape and Nvidia, made sure DPI scaling in windows is turned off and I selected the “override high dpi scaling” in Alt 1 options. Any help is greatly appreciated.


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