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Slayer Assistant App


    My name is Unlishema Dragonsworn and I have created a Slayer Assistant app for Alt-1 Toolkit. The main purpose of this app is to make picking your slayer task more efficient and easier. Most players new to slayer, players wanting xp min-maxing, and even players that want a easy to lookup utility for slayer task assignments. No longer type every slayer monster name into the wiki to search for the wiki page just to get the info you need to go kill it. Ok this is getting too ridiculous... I sound like an old TV advertisement lol.

Ok now for the, plain and simple. Have this app open when you are getting a new slayer task and it will give you fast and easy to read info about each task you can choose, then just choose your task based on the info.

This app was heavy influenced by another app created by codedninja. You can view it here; however, it is no longer hosted so I had to recreate it from scratch.

Use the link below to install onto your Alt-1 Toolkit.
Last updated as of Feb. 13th 2022 (Install Slayer Assistant)

Slayer Assistant

If you have any suggestions for this app or would like to assist with database correcting please make a post or contact me on the discord. Many people have gave input and the majority of it has been used to better the app and what hasn't been used either takes a lot of time to add or was used to make other ideas even better (There are a few missing still and I have them documented).

If you like this app please consider donating to support future development, you can use this link here or there is a button on the app below the settings button.

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Re: Slayer Assistant App

Current Features, Planned Updates, and Known Issues

Current Features:

  • Autoloads tasks as long as app is open when you are getting your new task

  • Loading icon to show you when it is searching for a task or it sees you me be getting a new task from a master (Notice it looks anytime any dialog box is open)

  • Search feature if you just want to search for the task

  • User experience features started to be added (Hiding creatures nobody wants to see, setting a suggested creature, and so on)

  • If you press Alt-1 while hovering "Get Task {NPC}" it will open the app

  • Loads in both tasks with kills, total slayer exp for task, and all relevant combat data

  • Able to display cluster tasks (May be information missing due to mass downloading not 100% accurate yet!)

  • Able to tell you if some data is missing from the database! (It cannot find it all yet aka. stats)

  • Ability to open the slayer assignment wiki for more info

  • Ability to click to open the Master wiki for more info

  • Ability to open a creature's wiki for more info

Planned Updates:

  • Add in single slayer task support.

  • Add in level 120 Slayer Assignment support (aka pick your own task suggestions)

  • Add in more user experience features (personal suggested creature, personal kills per hour, settings, and more)

  • Add in custom equipment suggestions for slayer assignments. (aka. Herbicide, Seedicide, and so on...)

  • Add ability to get your xp/hr (Notice: This would be based on the amount of kills/hr you insert until a database is created for it)

  • Add ability to load current slayer task if slayer info box is expanded (This will take awhile, got to learn the Alt1-API more)

  • Add in drop log of all items a creature can drop

Known Issues:

  • The entire slayer database has been downloaded from the wiki with a programmed bot. Some information is missing due to this.

  • User experience customizations are not 100% correct atm. This requires a lot of time and a even more reading to correct.

  • Some images maybe be missing or incorrect, remember this is a mass database download by a bot.

  • The database needs a lot of TLC to get it more accurate and correct missing information.

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Re: Slayer Assistant App

Credit deserved where credit is due!

Assistance in the Development of the App

  • codedninja - For creating the original app and inspiring the look and feel of this app

  • Skillbert - For all the assistance during the creation of this app, as well as for creating Alt1 Toolkit

  • Zykrow - For Support and assistance during the entire development of this app

  • crazye97 - For all the assistance during the development of this app

  • troy236 - For giving me the answer to why I couldn't edit the src of an img in javascript

  • Emma Kitty - For helping manage the database; formatting, adding manual entries, and adding user experience content to it

  • MrSlayerGod - For suggestions on the newest Look and Feel of the app

  • Poop Skewer - For suggesting moving the app over to github for better uptime

  • overlord1234 & David - For the Levenshtein distance algorithim for the search feature

For Creating Something Amazing

  • Jagex - For creating an amazing game that has many more years to come

  • Runescape - For still being here after all these years, it has came a long way

  • Runescape Wiki - For having an amazing database that I can just parse to make use of in this app

  • Skillbert - For creating Alt1 Toolkit and keeping it maintained

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