Alt1 Toolkit
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Alt1 Toolkit

About the Alt1 Toolkit

Using Alt1 while training slayer.

Alt1 consists of several different apps, these apps show up as an overlay over the game and are designed to blend in with your Runescape interfaces. The apps can get input by looking at your screen, this way they can for example show you the solution to a treasure trails puzzle in one click. The Alt1 Toolkit is not against the rules and is not intended as a cheat or botting client.

You can open certain apps by pressing alt+1 over text in-game. The stats app (the same as the one next to this text) can be opened by just pressing alt+1 over anyone's name in-game. You can also open the RS Wiki app by pressing alt+1 over the examine option of any item. This way you can always instantly find the information that you're after.

Any developer is allowed to create and distribute apps, Alt1 is designed to keep your account safe from phishing attempts while also allowing developers to create advanced features that would normally require you to trust them with your account.

Stats lookup as in Alt1 pop-out

Main apps

The most important apps are listed here.
  • Stats lookup Whenever you right-click a player and press alt+1 a window like to one to the right will pop up with their stats. You can also see their clan, quest points and stat history in a graph.
  • Item lookup Right-click any item, object or monster and press alt+1 to instantly view its Runewiki page.
  • Clue solver A smart app that solves any possible treasure trials clue found on your screen when you press the unlock button. Supported clues: celtic knot, slide puzzle, scans, compass clues, anagrams, emote, maps, coordinates, cryptics and instruction clues.
  • Afk Warden This app will keep track of any afk activity in-game and alert you when you have to click! Runescape does not have to be visible on your screen for this to work.
  • D&D notifications You can choose to get a notification when warbands is about to start, the Voice of Seren becomes active at your favorite clan or when a boss rotation changes to your preferred rotation and more. All this information can also be displayed on the caption bar of the Runescape client.
  • DgKey This app will keep a copy of your map open all the time, you can mark keys on it by pressing alt+1 whenever you right-click a key door. You can also track gatestones, resources and see the stats of your teammates in one overview and the possible levels using potion boosts. DgKey also allows you to connect to the rest of your team to always keep the keys and gatestones in sync.
  • XpMeter Keep track of your xp-rates real-time using this app. It will calculate your current xp rate by reading xp drops off of your screen.
  • Youtube and Twitch Watch any youtube video or Twitch stream inside its own overlay window, perfect for skilling while watching videos on the same screen.
  • Droplogger Log your drops by simply pressing alt+1 over the take [item] right-click option. You instantly get to see your trips value and you can even share the log with your friends.
  • Farming timer Allows you to easily keep track of the growth times of your patches. Predicts when the farming ticks happen for more accurate timing.
  • Fish Flingers solver A tool that finds the perfect combo for all fish in fish flingers in the most efficient way.
  • And many more World map, Droplogger, Notepad, Stopwatch, Color grabber and more.

Screenshot sharing

Alt1 also includes an instant screenshot sharing service, this service differs from others as you can instantly share this with other players in-game. You will get a 4 character code when your screenshot is uploaded. You can type this out in-game and other alt1 users can then instantly view it in their browser by simply pressing alt+1 while hovering over it.

Press alt+2 at any time to upload a screenshot.

Windows multitasking tools

Alt1 also has some tools that help with multitasking in general. You can press alt+3 to bring up a menu about the current active window. You can choose to make a thumbnail of the selected window that always stays visible. You can also choose to embed the window in Alt1 and thereby embedding it into the game.

You can open apps by clicking on the Alt1 icon on the Alt1 toolbar on the RS client.

Getting started

You can install Alt1 using the installer below, simply run the installer after downloading it. The installer will automatically download and install Alt1.

Download Alt1

Downloaded 794,253 times.

You need windows 7 or higher to install Alt1. Only Windows is supported.

How it works and security

Alt1 is really just a fancy browser with a ton of runescape related features. Inside the runescape styled apps you'll find the same browser engine as inside of chrome. All apps are just webpages inside this browser. Alt1 offers these webpages a bit more functionality by allowing them to do a few more things. You can give certain app hosts more permissions in the settings menu.
There are three different permissions that you can give to the apps:

  • View screen Allows the app to see your screen.
  • Get game state Allows the app to request information about the game. Things such as current xp counter values etc.
  • Show overlay Allows the app to show an unclickable overlay outside of the app window.

Any developer can create apps for use in Alt1 without limitations. To make sure your account is safe then using apps from other developers, there is a solid security model in place.

  • Apps are webpages in an Chromium browser, this means that they are by default just as secure as any web page opened in Google Chrome.
  • The windows always stay on top of other windows and always show their custom Runescape styled border.
  • Apps are in no way able to move, resize or hide the window they are contained in.
  • Apps are in no way able to see your key strokes in different windows.
  • Apps are by default not allowed to read screen pixels, user permissions are stored per domain.