Drop logger
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Drop logger

Drop logger

The RuneApps droplogger will keep track of your boss kills and drops. You can keep track of your drops, luck on the good drops and get information like profit per kill. You can also upload your droplog and show it to your friends.

Getting started

Click the New droplog to get started. You can now select a name for your droplog and what template your droplog uses. The template is used to show the different buttons for what items a boss drops and how many of them. You can choose one of the built-in templates from the dropdown, or click the Import template button to import any drop table from the RS Wiki.
Once you have your template and other settings set up you can start adding drops by click on them, or if you're using the Alt1 Toolkit you can press alt+1 while hovering over the right-click pick up option of an item. Once drops are added you can separate trips by clicking the New Trip button.
All drop logs are automatically saved in your browser and will persist after reloading the page.

Uploading your droplog

You can upload your droplog to show to your friends, or continue logging on a different computer or browser. To see the connection status click the status text of the droplog in the menu. This will be local if your droplog is not uploaded yet. Simply click upload now to upload your droplog. The app will show you two codes. The viewcode will allow others to view your droplog, while the passcode can be used to edit the online version of the droplog and synchronise other devices.
The url in your browser will automatically show the viewcode when you have a synchronised droplog open. You can share this url with other people to show the droplog in view-only mode.

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