Dgkey guide
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Dgkey guide

What Dgkey does

Dgkey keeps a copy of the dungeon map open on your screen. This way you can always see the map and keep planning your route while doing guard doors. You can also add keys to the map to keep track of what doors are left. There is also a connect option to combine everyone's key mapping efforts, this way you will always know what door to do next.

Getting started.

First open the dungeon map in-game, after that simply click the map search button . Alt1 will now search your screen for the map and if found it will be copied into the app. From now on Alt1 will keep trying to update the map on the same location, so whenever you open the map in-game it will update in the app.

You can do the same for the party list using the search party button . Doing this will allow you to view your teams levels by clicking the stats button , you can click any of the stats to view what boosts are available and what level it will boost to. Settings the player list is also required use the connect feature.

Adding keys

Select a tile on the map and type one of the following key combinations to add a key. Keys should be placed on the ? room behind the door, this way it is clear what door the the key belongs to.

grd for example, will add a green diamond key.

Note: You can also press alt+1 while hovering over the right-click options of a door to select the corresponding key.

Color Keys Shape Keys
Blue b Corner co
Crimson c Crescent cr
Gold go Diamond d
Green gr Pentagon p
Orange o Triangle t
Purple p Rectangle r
Silver s Shield s
Yellow y Wedge w

Several special keys exist as well.

Marker Keys Comment
Your gatestone 1 Will add a gatestone of your color to the map, select your name in the party list first
Your second gate 2
Group gatestone 3
Guard door gd
Altar a
Bonus path x Grays out a path on the map
Remove key space Removes any key

You can select your name from the party list to mark your gatestones with your color, this is useful when using the connect feature.

Connecting to your team

You can connect by simply clicking the connect button after you've set the party. The button will become green when you are connected. Connecting will keep your map and keys synced with other dgkey users in your team. You can also notify Your team of a location on the map by holding alt and clicking on the map.

Other features

Hoardstalker riddles

Press alt+1 when the riddle is visible to get the solution to the riddle.